While nothing has particularly piqued my interest in recent releases, I stumbled on Jungle Monkey Run 2: Banana Adventure while checking new games these past few days, and it’s definitely a gem that doesn’t disappoint if you like unique games. Now most of my gaming time is spent on Jungle Monkey Run 2 these days on my device.

It is enumerated that Jungle Monkey Run 2 is a free 2D Adventure run. They are the second part of top platformer game “Jungle Monkey Run” which qualitatively crossed 1 million downloads in Google Play.

The story begins as a Monkey Kong was living in a jungle happily with its kids having plenty of bananas. An angry bird takes monkey Kong’s kid with bunch of bananas and flies to the dino jungle. This game comprises of 4 worlds with 24 stages that includes plot twists and continued by one special water world including lots of fishes and mines under water. More importantly this Jungle Monkey Run 2 makes the best game of the month. There are additional powers ups and the effects make the gameplay exciting and addictive.

Also it is narrated that the little Kong needs run into the jungle and swing through vines and take bananas to reach the monkey kid. Monkey has to take all bananas in a jungle to keep the energy level high. Primarily there are 80 enemy animals which would try to block little Kong’s run. The little monkey has to actively jump on the animals to kill them. There would be a King Kong and a mammoth waiting to assist monkey’s adventure trip.

Among many salient features in this game, the player could experience one touch gameplay which makes this adventure run simple to play even for kids. You can also witness top graphics and sounds to make this plat former run gameplay sensational.

This game includes Run, Jump, and Swing. It also enumerates 4 worlds with 24 stages jungle, dino, ocean, fantasy. You have 80 enemies and banana to get energy. They actually comprise 4 background music and delightful several sounds for enemies. The game represents 3 power ups, hearts and is expediently designed ocean world with 20 different fishes. It is also qualitatively supports SD card installation. Jungle Monkey Run 2: Banana Adventure is a special title I’ll be coming back over again in the future, and I highly recommend it for anyone who thoroughly enjoys a challenging game.


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