Remember the good old Mario days? Well, fret not if you miss playing Mario on those big boxed computers of yours because the entire Mario experience is back just this time, it is with a younger, cuter Ozy instead of the mustached macho Mario. Transporting us back to the world of mushrooms, turtles, fishes and tunnels, the Mario franchise returns as Jump Ozy and it is surely, one hell of a game! Mobile application games have been a wide growing industry and the availability of many comes with the quantity vs quality battle. Though replete in number, there are just a few which make it to the top charts and the rest which get left behind usually don’t get the recognition due. One such hidden gem is the Jump Ozy and here are all the reasons you need to log on to your Apple Store and download it now!


The Concept

Easy and quintessential, the concept of the game is fairly straight forward. There is ozy, going ahead to find a hidden treasure, collecting points along the way and all the user needs to do is make sure that Ozy doesn’t have a collision with anything that comes in its way and hence, ALL Ozy has to do is, JUMP! A multilevel game, it is a one player game and all that needs to be done is tapping the screen at the time of the jump. Available with cool options like power ups for faster flying and hitting enemies, the game makes for a fun time when bored or just otherwise. The best part about the game is the target audience isn’t specific and hence the game can be enjoyed by both young and old alike.


Features of the App

Apart from just the game concept, an application needs to be certifiably good by cutting edges on certain criterion. The gaming apps, especially, need a special hint of technical marvel when it comes to categorizing them as exceptional or with just a mere good. In this category, Jump Ozy does not disappoint because the audio-visual synchronization is perfect to the T and the game is very well designed over all. With an amazing graphic front, a colorful design to keep everybody engaged and power packed audio, the application keeps the attention of the user well to itself and leaves one with a thrilling gaming experience.


Possible Improvements

Though the application is stunning, there is a scope for improvement which could possibly be the reason why it hasn’t featured in the top 10 Apple game apps yet. With every application having a portal for internet connectivity and inbuilt upgrades, Jump Ozy made an exception and needs to work towards getting these factors incorporated into its design. The user interface is integrated and smooth in functioning but there could be additional features to keep the users interested and provide them with additional choices and gaming options.

The overall rating of the application is high and if you are one with an eye out for fresh, new and interesting games, this is the one application you cannot afford to miss out on! Play it after a tired day or compete with your loved ones, you are sure to have an enjoyable time.

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