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Genre : Web
Platform : Web app
Developer : Journeyful Pte Ltd
Positivies :customer service, realtime search, good price
Negatives :none

Are you a tourist looking for a reputable company specialized in building travel apps that give customers better travelling experience? Then the best website to visit is


According to this website, the company offers a range of products that can be classified into three broad categories: is a travelling agency that is based on a rewarding system.

The second product is Journeyful Mobile App, a rewards-based app that facilitates booking of hotels, with more than 200,000 hotels available on this platform.

The last product that is available to its customers is Journeyful Pro, which is a retail travel agency associated with the neighboring community.


According to the company’s website, it provides a wide range of services to satisfy the needs of existing and potential customers. These services are as follows;

For travel agents, Journeyful provides a platform where interested people can join their expanding network of travel agents , allowing them to have access to free apps, competitive pricing, and excellent services that can improve their workflow and customer service.

To the owners of hotels, the website provides a platform for hotels to power their websites using the company’s booking engine, or directly registering with them to lower costs.

The needs of corporate clients are met by special services whereby the travel consultants employed by Journeyful provide comprehensive solutions for conferences and meetings, weddings, events and tour groups.



The website reveals that Journeyful’s team is composed of a diverse group of employees, who possess extensive experience, are competent, are experts in various fields, and lastly, do their work professionally.


The website above explains that Journeyful has an all-inclusive rewards program in travel, consisting of the following:

the Achievement award, a system whereby a customer can get an award for completing specific tasks.

A Booking reward is also available, whereby a customer can earn 8% or more of their total amount used in booking.

The Referral reward is given to customers every time they invite their friends to make use of Journeyful.

Lastly, the Campaign reward is available to helps hotels in attracting new customers, and retaining existing ones.

The Press

In case of any questions or requests concerning Journeful and its products and services they can be contacted through their team members; Pallavi Malviya Gupta, the manager in charge of marketing & communications, whose contact address is [email protected]. Alternatively, Ms. Elizabeth Webster, who’s the manager in charge of Business Development, will be of great help. Her email address where customers can reach her is; [email protected]

New Website

Journeyful is in the process of developing a new website for ferry bookings, which will be more user-friendly.

New Software

According to the website, the company is in the advanced stages of developing new software for travelling agencies, and the software will have the following key features:

A Customer Relationship Management System (CRM), a workflow system, and a settlement or centralized system, which is important in improving efficiency

Others are a system to increased accountability, and another one which helps in lowering costs of a company’s operations.

Partnership with Hotels

The website reveals that hotels can have a working partnership with Journeyful through the following platforms:

the, the Journeyful Pro, or the booking Engine. The partnerships can also be implemented through Website Design, or through Digital Marketing

Software Solution for Medium and Small Ferry Operators

Journeyful has developed software that provides comprehensive services to small and medium operators of ferries. This software provides a platform with the following key features:

instant confirmation, a boarding management system, elimination of no-shows, and a system to support travel agencies. Another different system helps in the management of trips and vessels, while the last one is vital in channel management.


All answers for questions concerning Journeyful and its products/services are found on:

Development Board

Sharing of ideas and checking for news about Jourmeyful can be done on the following platform:

Contact Journeyful

According to the website, customer service is available throughout, for 24 hours a day, and for 5 days a week.

For customer services, calls can be made to the number; +65 6438 7884, and to make reservations, emails can be sent to [email protected].

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