Iron Brigade

by | Mar 12, 2013 | 0 comments

Platform : XBox 360
Positivies :; huge Trench look very cool ; game setting is very unique; customization options
Negatives :; addition of co-op would rock! ; mostly for mech fans!

Always dreamed of taking part in a massive machine-controlled conflict? This game is a perfect opportunity to do this…Iron Brigade’s action is set in the alternative world that looks like some mixture of apocalyptic setting. This game is very intense, rocking and has tactics to it! I feel in love with the way it is designed and presented.

Iron Brigade main’s character are Trench (a mech-like looking vehicles) which are armored to take out even the greatest treat. Now most of our missions will involve defending our base with our Trench and some additional equipment like turrets and other deployables. Speaking of the latest, our Trench will be sooner or later given “Emplacements” options. This will give you possibility to set turrets to maximize the chances of going through the wave.
Game is set in a 3rd person perspective. We got to pilot our Trench and set traps and defenses for the oncoming waves of enemies… Speaking of our Trench, they are not defenseless and can pack a solid punch of firepower when needed. Trench model look very cool, are very big and have different armament options… And there are still more options to cover! After defeating your foes you gain valuable experience which may level up your Trench. That gives you access to new Trench equipment. Controls in the game are very tight and precise. It give you a feel like the game costed four times more! Every move you make is as tight as could be.

For the suggested price it’s nearly a bargain! Iron Brigade is really of very big proportions, it never gets repetitive or boring. We got here one of the highest production values on XBOX live ever…If you are mech-maniac I don’t have to encourage you to try out the game. But for most players that love good action, they needs will be satisfied for sure! This game can be a bit under-looked, but it surely deserves its place in the market.

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