Instasize provides quick and simple editing options for making your social media images more appealing. The app includes a large collection of filters as well as many professional editing tools. The online video and photo editing app is a comprehensive creation toolkit that users can use to improve their images and videos. Furthermore, you can convert your raw video and images into traffic-generating social media posts.

Some of the Features of the Instasize App That Distinguish It from Other Editing Apps

Naturally Enhancing Filters

Using this app feature, you can give any photo an HD look while maintaining a consistent look across all of your social media platforms. The app has around 80 photographers who were inspired by the best photo filters.

With Advanced Editing Adjustments

This photo editor app allows users to change the brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other settings. It will allow you to fine-tune the details in your photo.

Top Collage Maker App

By using this feature, you can quickly combine multiple photos to create a collage. Hundreds of background, text, and photo collage ideas are available through the Instasize app.

Formats for Social Media

With the photo border editor app, you can share your photos on various social media platforms in the way they were intended. The Instasize video app allows you to resize images and videos to fit perfectly on any social media platform.

Beauty Tools

Using the beauty tool option of the Instasize photo editor, use Acne spot removal to whiten your skin and draw attention to specific areas of the photo.

Variety of Pro Fonts and Text Editor

The app includes a font editor that allows you to add text to your photos in 50 different fonts and designs.

Final Thoughts – Why Should You Use Instasize?

Discover the best photo editing apps designed specifically for content creators. Aside from the basic features of the Instasize app, you will be able to use these premium features if you subscribe to the app.

  • Wide access to more than 100 premium features
  • 80 distinct borders
  • Advanced beauty equipment
  • Learn tips from social influencers with exclusive content


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