Insights for the better Diabetic Management from Quin

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Genre :
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Quintech
Positivies :UI, graphics, indeed.
Negatives :None

A recent trend in the world of Medicare is the arrival of mobile healthcare applications, Around 300,000 apps are there under the Medical category targeting different user needs from weight loss to managing chronic conditions. Here I want to give my review of the app I am used to which is Quin: Diabetes management. Diabetic people are always resorting to the internet for suggestions on which diabetic apps to use, So As a diabetic patient, I strongly recommend you to use the app, Quin.

Quin changed my diabetic management, if you are using only insulin to lower your blood glucose it’s a game-changer application for you. The Algorithm of Quin is based on the research done by Quintech with diabetic patients. I was severely depressed because of the wrong diabetic decisions I made in the past, and also my professional life was also affected by diabetes. So after the suggestion of my friends, I was introduced to quin and Quin rebuilds my normal life back. I want to share some interesting changes that quin has made in my life.

The First one is Quin’s what’s ahead graph which can show you what is going to happen in the next few hours in your HbA1c by the previous recording of food and insulin. Quin can be connected with the Health app which is integrated into your iPhone to calculate the blood sugar. It gives accurate calculation than any other app. It shows the strongest and weakest phases of insulin and keeps on tracking your progress of health.

The Second one is food and insulin recordings in one tap, By calculating the number of carbs you eat and the volume of insulin you need to take for the carbs gives you balanced daily life for Type 2 diabetes patients. Yeah, I was always in a dilemma when I have to take insulin and I used to traditional methods of calculating which I always feel disgusted. But Quin helps me to get rid of these and it was so impressed me by giving such calculations.

The third one is Personalized blood sugar insights and notifications, When you keep on recording your daily carbs and insulin choices then graphical calculation has become better than any time, and then Quin will provide insights for your diabetes to improve yourself. Quin always keeps on notified you in backscreen to remind how much insulin you have to take now, Graphical representations also pinged in the notification bar to update you to make better decisions.

Quin management app is developed by Quintech, under Medical Health & Fitness in the App Store. It requires an iPhone or iPod with iOS with i13.0 or later versions. It’s a free app intended for the use of adult Type 2 Diabetic patients who use insulin and not an insulin pump or any other blood glucose-lowering medications. Quin is the app like “one size fits for all”. What are you waiting for? Go, get the app from the App Store, and get rid of depression.

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