Ideanote – No More Messy Handling of Ideas

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Platform : Web app
Developer : Ideanote
Positivies :concept, UI, easy to use
Negatives :None

Have you ever generated ideas for various tasks in an organization? When you want to come up with ideas, you usually get messy. Ideas get lost in between paper works, emails, chat and so on. If there is a proper means to communicate and stay put with the right ideas at the right time, then it would be perfect. One such innovative tool is created by the team of Ideanote.

Founded in 2015, Ideanote operates in 110 different countries in many languages serving customers globally with a high satisfactory ratio. When you use this application, you can be assured that good ideas won’t get lost. The app helps you save time so that you can focus on making better ideas. It lets users create their workspace and launch their collection of ideas in a couple of minutes.

It is a powerful idea-collection tool that helps you to capture ideas so easily. It brings together the combined intelligence of many people together. By making use of the embedded widget on your website, you can collect ideas from anyone like your close buddy, teammate or client. You may even include a video asking for ideas by clearly explaining what it is that you need. You can ask people to add more details to the ideas by including text fields, dropdown boxes and so on. All that you need is included in Ideanote and it works well on both desktop and mobile devices.

Ideanote just takes 2-minutes for the entire process. It is completely free and no credit card or extra fees would be included when you choose any plan. A free plan is available and there are different pricing plans to suit the different needs of the company. Apart from the subscription fee, there will be no additional costs or hidden fees and all prices exclude VAT.

Once you sign up with this you need not have to look back. The perfect user interface makes bringing in other team members a seamless process. This awesome tool is a perfect fit for any organization that looks forward to bringing in and managing new ideas and innovations. Ideanote can be integrated with more than 1000+ tools. The team offers super-speed email and chat support for paid accounts and prioritized help as per the SLA.

Ideanote is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Croatian, Finnish, Dutch and Polish. Signup for this application today, organize the ideas and move with the best one ahead.

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