I Want You To Notice Me – Differences Game Review

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Genre : Puzzle
Platform : Android
Developer : Sohun Studio
Positivies :Differences Puzzle Game
Negatives :None

Intuitive games are incredible conditions for learning. Exploration reliably finds that players learn new aptitudes, information, bits of knowledge, perspectives, or even practices, in games that challenge them to think, investigate, and react. How do games animate and bolster learning? Consider the accompanying highlights of all around structured games, discovered additionally in the best non-game learning situations. Normally, intuitive games challenge players to take care of convincing issues. Players learn by doing, in a virtual setting that reacts to each move and choice they make. They associate with the game condition, create abilities to prevail in that condition, and practice those aptitudes over and again. They have chances to try, come up short, and attempt again until they succeed, and they get help when required. Games ordinarily adjust to players’ capacities and keep the degree of trouble in a range that is testing however not feasible for every person.

Developed by:

‘I Want You To Notice Me – Differences Game’ was created and developed by Sohun Studio.

How the app works:

Download and install ‘I Want You To Notice Me – Differences Game’ app on your device. This is a short and cute game which comes with beautiful soundtrack and illustrations. Sometimes the rules of the game is to change based on the situation and emotion. The characters are hand drawn. You can play with the game or just enjoy the beautiful story mode. The story goes on in an album.

Features of the app:

I Want You To Notice Me – Differences Game’ has many exciting and alluring traits which are listed here.

  • Simply enjoy the story without any interference
  • Hand drawn illustrations
  • Cat sounds included
  • Lovely music

Compatible with:

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