Hygger – The All-In-One App For All Your Project Management Needs

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Genre : Web
Platform : Web app
Developer : Hygger
Positivies :easy, UI, features
Negatives :None

Project Management, the most complicated task of enterprises, can be handled without any hassle when you work with the right apps. These apps helps you in managing the office from elsewhere and coordinate with your team members at less expenditure. Hygger brings all your projects under one roof and makes it easier for you to maintain projects and collaborate with your team members. To use Hygger, you have to sign in with an email Id and password. Later you have to fill in the details regarding your company.

The app opens with two tabs like Overview and Inbox. The overview tab has three sub columns that include Activity, In Progress and Overdue. The filter option in that app, let’s you to filter your projects with date, board, activity and members. The app could have integrated a much improved email facility.

Making use of the project management software’s  like kanban/scrum, Backlog, Roadmap and Sprint boards that is available in Hygger, you can deliver projects to your customers in a shorter time span. The Roadmap and Sprint boards are only available for the web version and is not compatible for mobile.

The app allows you to collect, organize ideas, prioritize them, estimate and later push them to development using the various boards.

The backlog board of the Hygger app has many specific features like push task facility,  capacity parameters for every column, value assessments and priority chart. The app also provides breakdown charts, velocity reports, WIP limits, versions and releases, reports with time tracking, inbox, swimlanes and labels and story points and hour estimation.

You can post Hygger feedback or ask any queries regarding the app making use of the Hygger community. The free version of the app is available with a 14 – day trial. The free version comes with Kanban and scrum support, time tracking, versions and releases and 2Gb storage. It lets you to add only 5 users and 5 boards. Small startups can benefit with this app.

Many additional features of the app can be obtained under a paid subscription. Backlog management, Roadmapping, search & reporting, GitHub integration, Bitbucket integration, GitLab integration, Dropbox integration, Google Drive integration, Slack integration and 5Gb of storage space are the extra features that come for paid users. Big enterprises can benefit a lot with these options.

The simple GUI and the drag, drop features makes Hygger one among the best project management apps of the year. Projects managers can deliver their work with in stipulated budget. The app is a top pick for teams that are dynamic and work with deadlines. Hygger can be installed on both iOS and Android mobiles and the web version is also available.

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