Hybrid is an exclusively multi-player game for Xbox live arcade (1200 MP). It’s a sci-fiction TPS in its heart, but not that “simple” as you would think at first glance! In Hybrid we have an epic conflict between two rival factions.. The game world is torn apart as every continent changes its owner now and then… Your task is to help your faction (by acquiring Dark Matter samples) by taking part in special missions across the war-torn battlefields.

Hybrid is as great as shooter can be. It’s fast, immense and competitive in muli-player mode! Speaking of combat you will often use jet packs to get instantly to desired location. Mostly you will stay in cover, from where your actions will take place. You will occasionally shoot from it, activate abilities and throw grenades…

You will have to constantly watch your back because sometimes opponents try to sneak behind you. This can be especially dangerous and most of the times you will get killed in such way..Now, there are countless weapons in Hybrid ranging from Shotguns, Assault Guns and much more. There is an ability slot that you can add to your character. For example you can equip your man with grenades, that will be used as ability during match. Abilities have cool down time, so it takes a while until they recharge…There are also helpful Specializations that can help you customize your character to your own liking! For example it can reduce your ability cool down time.. The most cool thing about Hybrid are Drones, that can be called to your disposal when you get 1 kill. These help you in fight and can move and shoot completely independently! After 5 kills you unlock Preyon, which acts like a live heat seeking missile.

Graphics in the game just rock, and are really threat to look at. Hybrid is a great, fresh look at the TPS, which should be enjoyed by all of you.. This game has great muli-player component, graphics and sound. Game allows for a lot of customization options. Just try it out!

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