HomeFacts: The App That Displays Detailed Information

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Genre : Android App
Platform : Android
Developer : Homefacts
Positivies :Info about offenders, crimes and easy to track
Negatives :none

HomeFacts is a recent Android app that aims to provide home buyers with in-depth details about certain neighborhoods and cities of the USA. It provides essential information such as crime rate in the area, information about schools, former drug labs and more. It also provides an overview on the properties available for each city. One has two connectivity options when first logging in the app: researching a certain city or detecting current city using GPS/Network.



– Information about nearby properties
The app provides details on the nearby properties available, including even photos and exact address of each one. Thus, it can be of great help for people interested in purchasing a certain type of house in a specific city. However, the app provides other useful information too.

– Information on offenders
Recent offenders are shown in the app along with a suggestion in regard to whether their number is too high, normal or low. Users can even choose to see offenders on the map based on last actual location where they were spotted. Thus, with the aid of such information one can be better informed when purchasing a home.


– Data on unemployment rate
In order to maintain the high costs of living in a city area, most people will need a job. This app is capable of telling unemployment rate in each city based on real-time statistics. For example, the current unemployment rate in Los Angeles is of 8,8%.

– Crime Risk
It’s a known fact that crime risk has risen in many US cities, especially since gun laws are by far not as strict as the ones in Europe. With the aid of HomeFacts users can know in real time everything about crime risk in a certain city. For example, crime risk in Los Angeles is currently Moderate, while for other cities is either Low or High.


– Median Home Value
Purchasing a home represents a long-term investment, hence the reason why it should be very well thought. With the aid of HomeFacts people can discover median home value for most cities in USA. For instance, Los Angeles has a median home value of $421,700.

– Earthquake Risk
Some cities in USA (especially the ones on the coast) are exposed to Earthquake risk. This app shows the exact risk level for each city.

– Tornado Risk
This feature comes as an accompaniment to Earthquake Risk, telling users about the chance for a tornado to occur in the area. It is best to avoid homes in cities with high tornado risk (such as Kansas), or at least ensure they have a properly-secured basement.

– Information about Former Drug Labs
At last but not least, the app provides information on former drug labs. It is good to know these as they present a possible hazard and cities which have lots of them should be avoided.

Graphics and Usability:
The app benefits from a modern interface which has all the necessary features at hand. When the app is first started, users can either search for a US city or use the automatic detection feature. Then, relevant information is displayed on the screen in a easy-to-read format. Additionally, map can be accessed for each city. HomeFacts is compatible with both Android tablets and smartphones.


HomeFacts is a must-have app for the savvy home buyer. It provides extremely useful real time data and it can be downloaded completely free from Google Play store.

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