Hilarious Turn to an Interactive Movie with MovieMaze

by | Nov 3, 2013 | 0 comments

Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Positivies :movie available is fun and entertaining and the quality of the video is good enough.
Negatives :game may not be suitable for children

Movies are made for entertainment but you are not always happy with the climax of the movie and would have liked to see it otherwise. While there are numerous movie and entertainment apps on iTunes, there are not many that provide you with such a creative experience where you will get to select the climax of the movie and be the director of your own movie. However, with MovieMaze it is possible. This is an app on iTunes available for free and can change your whole movie viewing experience. The app is presented by MovieMaze Ltd and it requires you to be active while watching the movie.

The app, MovieMaze is designed for all movie lovers who would like to provide a twist to the movie that they make. The story is about a mechanic who has arrived to America for a job. Mr. Sheet is the hero of the movie and he is about to deliver a car to one of his clients. The person meets with a situation where he has to choose his way. You can choose different ways to reach different outcomes and each of these outcomes can be quite hilarious. You will either get the character bombed, eaten or smashed during this. However, your aim would be save against all odds and that is the motto of the app. New movies will be listed to the library soon to provide more entertainment to the user.


  • MovieMaze is an interactive movie app where the user requires choosing the direction of the game and the outcome will be different with each direction.
  • The central character is Mr. Indeep Sheet who is visiting to America. So there are several American characters in the game.
  • The graphics is quite good as the video is taken on high resolution. The provider of the game has shot a whole video for making the game look good.
  • The game is enriched with proper sound effects that provide it the feel of a movie.
  • The movie has to be downloaded first to continue the game.
  • The visual of the game is quite interesting and you will get to see some hot scenes in that, too.
  • The app is available both for iPad and iPhone users and it requires iOS 6.0 or later to run.
  • The app requires 13.8 MB space on your device but you will have to download more in order to get the interactive movie.
  • The app is currently available for free on iTunes.

Summary: MovieMaze is a fun and interactive app on iTunes which provides you a chance to direct your own movie. It is possible to determine the outcome of the movie by clicks on the screen and you can see that each of them is quite hilarious.

Good: The movie available is fun and entertaining and the quality of the video is good enough.

Bad: The game may not be suitable for children as there are some scenes and violence that is not suitable for them.

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