Heroes of the Realm is a unique mixture of strategy, RPG and card game elements! And, though there are that many genres put together, this “hybrid” is extremely playable and addictive! Heroes of the Realms showed as a very nice surprise.. If you though that nothing could be done in originality department, “Heroes” will give you a nice headache. Game action revolves around titular heroes, who are represented by cards, each with specific powers, statistics, and certain type to it. There are many classes of heroes existing in the game, for example: fighter, defender, charger, caster. Those types give you information, what the given hero is mend for. For example charger is good against ranged attackers. Also there is no real best class in the game, because each has its strengths and weaknesses…

Game is set in a beautiful fantasy world, where we will meet goblins, kobolds, wolves and mighty heroes. Speaking of the last, those get stronger with each level, as they gain additional stat points. Battles in the game are played in real time. You prepare your troops and arrange their formation. Then you enter the enemy territory by clicking “battle” button. In Heroes of the Realms you will spend most of the time building different structures (and enhancing them later with specific upgrades). There are several buildings with different properties, which will give you more strategic options. For example upon constructing a Rally Point, you will be able to put your hero cards into empty slots of the point. From now on they will be your fighting force, which will be used during battles!

Another example: when you menage to build a Portal, you will be able to transfer to previously unreachable places, (like Goblin Forest), where the opponents troops made their hideout. Now you can go and attack them easily! Graphics in the game are great and grant a very good quality to the Heroes climate! Sounds also make a good job in achieving it! Heroes of the Realms is a very polished and accomplished game in every way: it has very unique game-play, and above all this is very exciting to play! This game is recommended to everyone, if you menage to get over the card system – this will be a real treat for you.

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