Help the Champion Spacemite Combat the Alien Robots

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Genre :
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Danboco
Positivies :fun, graphics, color
Negatives :none

Metroidvania games are a combination of Metroid and Castlevania that bring together the mechanics and design of both these game genres. These amazing game apps are a great means of pastime and they have so many fun elements like fighting, running, jumping, shooting, etc. The adventure is endless as long as you master the gaming skills with perfect co-ordination. One such unique game that I recently downloaded is Spacemite.

Published by Donboco LLC, the app Spacemite – The Smallest Hero is about a tiny bug like character. It is a genetic cross of a human and a mite. The mite starts his journey as a simple worker on the spaceship. He is given tasks like fixing the clogs in the plumbing, welding cracks in the air system, picking up carrots, etc., As he proceeds with his work on the ship, that’s when the aliens attack and the game gets more interesting…

This elegant game of Metroidvania type belongs to the category of action/adventure. Many alien robots invade the spaceship and they can’t even be noticed by the humans as they are very small in size. That’s where everything is left to our champion, the Spacemite. He strives to save the day from these alien invaders. On his way he gets help from a nutty science mouse, the bold A.I.

The bottom of the screen has got two controls that help the Spacemite move left and right of the screen. The number of lives you have is kept track at the top of the screen. The Spacemite can have a pet Tardigrade! You can swim via the plumbing, move around the central core of the computer, fix reactor control crystals, become the pilot of a small space shuttle and explore much more.

The game is so colourful and is pleasing to the eyes. The sound of the game is very fast paced and it keeps the spirit much alive. I had real fun gaming along with my young one and the touch controls are simply superb. They are very intuitive and they give you an awesome gaming experience. The game gets more and more challenging as the level progresses.

Spacemite belongs to the ‘Games’ category on the App Store and is compatible with iOS 9.0 or later versions. The game is free for download but comes with in-app purchases where you can choose to go Ad Free for $1.99, choose for a Pet Tardigrade for $1.99 and avail both for $2.99. The app is suitable for all those above nine years of age and I am sure the kids would love them a lot.

Kudos to the creator who put a lot of effort to bring the game alive. This concept and design has made the game worth the download. The fun mechanics, different levels and gameplay makes the app addictive and I bet you would never want to keep it down. Go On, Download Spacemite and explore what this little hero is capable of!

Worth Having App – download the App

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