This game takes you on a journey to the world of Middle Earth where you are given a role of a guardian. Guardians are the protectors of humanity and play an extremely important role in saving their life. The best way to get into the game (if you’re a first timer) is to go through a nicely done tutorial. It will show you all the basics of the game in very teach-full manner. Moving Guardians is performed in a traditional way. Humanity protectors have their skills mapped to 4-buttons on the right of the game-pad. This allows for quick skill-management. Guardians can also perform Area of effect attacks, which are best used on large groups of enemies. For example Gandalf can cast a power of storm that shatters his foes to pieces!

What I really like about the game are tower and barracks, which play main supporting role on the battlefield… Towers can lay fire on enemy soldiers that are unfortunate enough to get close to them. Towers can be later upgraded to very different species (for example healing tower)… Barracks are used to produce soldiers. Upgrades also can be applied (stables give your soldiers mounts and etc.) There is 20 of Guardians in the game, both on the good and bad side. Every Guardian has unique statistics, skills and abilities that will be used in battle.

Game has multi-player mode which is really great to play! We have a preset type of battle (depending on the time). The are two teams, that fight over the control of their base. With each slain enemy, our guardians gain experience points. Those add up to finally level up your character. That gives you a skill point to distribute upon skills you posses. In terms of graphics, Guardians of Middle-Earth makes a good impression. Guardian look very well, they have their own ways of movement and look to them… Environments are detailed and textures are crisp. In the audio department I especially liked the voice of Hobbit during the game. It fits very well the played role!

Guardians of the Middle-Earth is a game that while combines elements of strategy and RPG, can appeal nearly to everyone because of great battles that that have everything you’d wished from a game … For Middle-Earth fans this is a must!

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