We got our hands on the fresh demo of co-op shooter, that came out under the name of God Mode. And I can assure you, that it’s whole lot of fun! This third-person shooter is distributed through Xbox live arcade, at the price of 800 MP. God Mode, at first glance offers quality, which makes laugh of many retail products! Weapons, are so tightly implemented, that just shooting with the simplest gun, will give you hell-lot of fun…

God Mode offers only cooperative modes, where people join teams and try to stand the oncoming waves of enemies… These can be particularly nasty, as most of them possess annoying abilities or strengths (that you will have to find out in order to counter them)! Speaking of characters, God Mode has quite nice customization options (but they’re mostly locked in the demo version)… There are many ways of creating character exclusively to your liking!

Product is developed in a way, that reminds me of the old-school era, when gaming was very simple, but incredibly enjoyable! Fortunately, God Mode involves high ranking visuals that are of particular importance, when speaking of this certain genre… Generally, game is a rather splendid experience when looked at! What is really worth mentioning, are the designs of the enemies in God Mode demo, that are quite interesting to say the least!

When speaking of the final verdict, I can honesty admit that God Mode demo simply rocks, and gives a certain vision (that looks very bright!) of the upcoming retail game… Which I truly recommend to every serious gamer.

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