Give Life to Your Smartphone with Funny Balloons

by | Sep 20, 2013 | 0 comments

Genre : Android App
Platform : Android
Developer : dermond
Positivies :Free and excellent visuals
Negatives :Ads Display

Your Smartphone carries your personality and that is the reason why you want to load it with applications, pictures and games that define your mood and taste. Wallpaper is the primary thing that one notes about your mobile or tab, and if it is something that is engaging, the primary impression is great. Live wallpaper is always a delightful addition to your mobile phone and it can enlighten your mod every time you tap it and see something special happening on your screen. One such amazing live wallpaper app is Fancy Balloons which is based on colorful balloons.

Fancy Balloon is unique live wallpaper developed by Dermond. The wallpaper, unlike its counterparts, does not take up much of your phone memory. That is why your phone system is not going to get hanged every time you use it. The theme of this wallpaper is amusement and it is purely related to balloons. Numerous colorful balloons will be floating in the air and you will be clicking on them to make the girl get the balloon.  The girl will be happy to get the balloon and you will be amused to see her happy. Your mobile has to be one that can display live wallpapers so that you can use this on your device.


  • Fancy Balloon is a live wallpaper app that keeps your mobile screen active and even when you are not using any app.
  • The app can be installed directly on your device from Google play store and you will be able to find the wallpaper in the same place where your mobile’s live wallpapers are visible.
  • The app is a colorful one with interesting visual. It will seem like a color pencil drawing to you.
  • The app shows different colored balloons and once you tap on the balloon, the color is visible in the hand of the girl.
  • The girl carries a total of 3 balloons and the color of the balloons changes with your tap.
  • The sketch of the wallpaper is kept simple and it gives a feel of a fair. The painting will make you remember your childhood and that is what makes the wallpaper app a unique one.
  • An ad will be displayed once after 10 clicks on floating balloons.
  • The app is currently available for free on Google play store.
  • The app takes around 1.6 mb space on your device.
  • The version of 1.0 of the app can be used in android phones and tabs with android 2.1 or later.

Summary: Funny Balloon is a fun filled live wallpaper app with a simple concept. This app is quite soothing to the eyes with no use of over flashy pictures and graphics. With its cool visuals and very less space requirement, this app is suitable for every android mobile and it is loved by the kids.

Good: The app is available for free and the visual is cool.

Bad: Displaying ad after every 10 balloons seems to be too quick though in many cases, no ads are visible.

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