Mobile based games are a way of reliving stress and depression. They help us take a break from the everyday throes of life. If you are a person who tries to deter others from playing mobile based games, stop it as it has multitude benefits that enhances our day to day life. Of course no one should be glued to their devices day in and day out. But it has been a long term established fact that playing gaes prove beneficial to the brain in terms of concentration, reliving it of depression, improving your reflexes and so many others.

Here is a game that is praised for keeping its players at their toes. The ‘Ghoul’s Cave’ is a mobile based game that improves your strategic thinking.

Developed by:

Ghoul’s Cave’ was developed and provided on the internet for free by ‘Manga Productions’ as a Casual game.

How the app works:

Download and install the ‘Ghoul’s Cave’ app in your mobile phone or other compatible devices. Now launch the game and start playing it on your device. First as you enter into the game, you need to login to the game using your social media identity or you can skip this step entirely. After this step you will be taken into the game. The game begins with the Ghoul’s story where it imprisons thieves and helps those who collect the herbs. The Ghoul lives in a cave where there are many rare stones growing. You should help the Ghoul capture the thieves and help the people gather the herbs by using the cards and the Ghoul image.

Features of the game:

Ghoul’s Cave’ has many exciting features. Some of these features are listed down here.

  • Interesting story and game play
  • Easy to use and simple interface
  • High definition quality graphics

Compatible with:

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