Get the sharing ride with SeatsPlanet

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Platform : Android
Developer : SeatsPlanet Inc
Positivies :simple, easy to use
Negatives :None

Hello folks!! Here I will introduce you to one application which is named as SeatsPlanet. It’s a riding app which provides you the platform to search for the ride and post the ride. This app is available for the Android and iOS platforms. The main benefit of this app is that a user can use it in a dual manner. One can easily get the best carpooling through this application.

Key Features:

  • User account which provides safety
  • Online payment strategy with a safety approach
  • Online discussion option for chat
  • Good responsive application
  • FAQ questions for presenting all the information

How does it work?

The working of this app is very much easy. A user needs to make the account and log in with username and password. After that, you can search for the ride through the searching option or post the ride. If you post the ride and use it as a driver, you will get different requests for a ride and it will be depending on you to accept or decline the request.

When you will search for the post you will get different rides and then you can contact the driver. The payment will be done via online. The cost will be calculated on the basis of gas price and car maintenance which will be calculated automatically. It’s totally legal and anyone can use it without any kind of difficulty. Currently, Boucherville, Terrebonne and Repentigny are the location where this service is available. It will be available soon in other locations.

As per my personal experience, it is very much easy and helpful application. Everyone must try it once.  It’s the best way to set up your own business or get the budget-friendly riding.

Summary: SeatsPlanet is a riding app which provides a dual system. A person can use it as a passenger or as a driver for posting the ride.

  • Usability: 5
  • Features: 4.5
  • Accessibility: 4.5
  • Graphics: 4.5

Worth Having App – Download for IOSDownload for Android


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