GAMEin30- For One Who Loves Game

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Genre : Android App
Platform : Android
Developer : GAMEin30
Positivies :UI, grphics, concept
Negatives :none

For those people who love playing games on their phones, gamein30 is the solution. Mind-blowing, exciting and fast games at the comfort of one’s home. That is exactly what everyone needs. The gamein30 is an application that is provided online, free of charge. This application allows users to access various games that are provided instantly on request. The concept of the game is to be able to complete a mission or a task in 30 seconds and then move to the next challenge. The fun loving gamers will be able to connect with their gamer friends and family across the network, as long as they have their contacts. It is easy to use. The game lover will find it interesting that with gamein30, they access all types of games and all kinds of fun. The application is well maintained. It is always up to date; therefore gamers are able to access all the current, fun games. They are always a step ahead.


The application is constantly on update mode. This will enable users to keep up to date with the new games that are always being posted. The application has the ability to install from about 100 games to 500 games. That is outstanding, considering the fact that the application supports instant gamers. The gamers that wish to play with their mates and families in real time. The gamein30 application runs in its most current version. Its current version is 1.0.2. The most unfortunate part about this application is the fact that a user must have a phone. The application is supported by phones only. All interested parties without devices that do not support this application will definitely miss out on an adventure of a life time. Not all phones can support this application though. The phones require android 4.1 and above. Any android phone that is below 4.1 cannot support the application. It is an inevitable, bitter necessity. The content rating is 3+. The content ratings help the gamein30 team understand how it is developing and maturing.


The speed is tremendous. The fact that the application supports games that can be played in 30 seconds, in real life, is enough proof that the application has great speed. The speed allows gamers to finish missions in time and move to the next levels. If a gamer succeeds in a mission, they move to the next level automatically. The application is a game changer. The gamein30 also provides the options of customising it to personal requirements band preferences.


A gamer can customize the application with their favorite background colours and wallpapers. The gamein30 is different from the rest because it allows users to have fun and also experience something fun in their free time. It is different from the others because it allows an individual to interact with friends and families all over the world. The application can be accessed by individuals with android phones. The android must be 4.1 and above. The graphics and sound tracks of the application are top notch. The graphics are unique and appealing to the eye. Gamein30 is one of the best in the market.

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