Fruit Popper

by | Aug 2, 2021 | 0 comments

Genre : Strategy
Platform : Android
Positivies :Strategy Game
Negatives :None

Life has been extremely busy for me lately, so whenever I have a spare moment in the day, I like to just whip out my phone and play some games. It takes my mind off of reality for a bit and wholly calms me down. When I saw Fruit Popper app developed by Fear The Crown Inc on the Play Store, I knew I had to have it. I got my hands on the game, and it’s pretty good.

You can advance through windy road of fun challenging levels by aiming, matching, and popping the fruit. It is fun, relaxing, and casual fruit popping game that challenges you to think outside the box. There are some brilliant ideas and they’re absolutely woven into a bright tapestry of gorgeous visuals and wonderfully paced mobile play.

The Fruit Popper game looks amazing too. It is learnt that every time you win you’ll figure out a new strategy and every time you lose you’ll be trying to find a way to right that wrong. While it’s exactly groundbreaking on the gameplay front, Fruit Popper does what it does very well.

If the mobile app stores have shown us anything, it’s that originality really isn’t that crucial. There are countless spins on every genre, and what matters isn’t which game came first but which ones are most fun. So if you’re looking for a new exciting game to fill the hours, Fruit Popper is up there with the best of them.

Key Features of Fruit Popper

  • There are 50 entertaining levels to master
  • Vibrant brain teasing puzzles
  • Some timed puzzles, race to beat the clock
  • Not too much energy or pressure
  • No connection needed
  • You can play at your leisure and pleasure

Fruit Popper is an excellent game for any fans of the genre. The graphics are stunning and gameplay is simple enough for anyone to pick up and enjoy, but it’s still quite challenging. The variety of objectives keeps things fresh and interesting, and there are 50 entertaining levels which is something to look forward to while you play.


If you’re looking for an engaging, engrossing and entertaining game that’s always got something new for you to do, then Fruit Popper developed by Fear The Crown Inc is well worth checking out. You can find it on the Google Play.


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