Free Crystal Match Swap – Game Review

by | Apr 2, 2020 | 0 comments

Genre : Puzzle
Platform : Android
Developer : 40 Thieves
Positivies :Puzzle game
Negatives :none

When people think of mobile games, they probably think of puzzles, more or less, or perhaps many exciting levels to play. In all honestly, because of the amount of junk in the Play Store, some people may not take mobile gaming seriously enough. Fortunately, there are always going to be some exceptions that truly shine on the platform, and Free Crystal Match Swap developed by 40 Thieves is one of them.

I noticed this game with key features and I did actually try it out. After my brief time with the Free Crystal Match Swap, I fell in love with this game instantly and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. Now the day has come, and it’s been well worth for the users.

You can play today in the number 1# Crystal Match Swap and try to pass all levels. Also you can use all kind of effects and different features to pass the puzzle. The passionate players can use the bombs and swap with your finger the same items.

It is also enumerated that you can use moves like more matches 3 or more with the same crystal. The levels have different challenging difficulty and you will need to Play now and pass all levels. It’s a fantastic game nonetheless, and one that you should not miss. Now that it’s available on the Play Store, I must say that it’s one of my favorite games so far this year.

Key Features of Free Crystal Match Swap

  • Many levels to play
  • use all kind of effects and bombs
  • Reach to the target
  • Play and enjoy many crystal challenges
  • Use all power ups


I’ll go right out and say it Free Crystal Match Swap is also one of the most entertaining games I’ve played recently, especially on mobile. It’s a game that should not be missed.


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