Flights : Enjoy the Best Flights at the Cheapest

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Genre : Android Game
Platform : Android
Developer : Aviascanner
Positivies :simple to use; reliable; cheap flights available all the time; many filters; free.
Negatives :None

Want to book an international flight for yourself but the company isn’t paying for your bills? No matter if you’ve travelled in business class for your company’s official tours, now is a very critical situation because you’ll be thinking why there isn’t a class below “economy” in flights because even that costs a lot of your precious bucks. The situation gets worsened if you’re booking a flight only days before the arrival and you can expect a 25-50% hike in ticket prices. So when you book the tickets, you pay almost double and you could have saved that if you had gone the right way. But what’s the right way? The right approach to booking tickets is not going for what everybody is going for because there are many other flights at far cheaper prices and same comfort level that you don’t know about. So catch them before they take off with the help of Flights!

Flights is actually the name of the latest Android app that has been developed by Aviascanner. The app is compatible with all the Android devices running Android 2.1 or any later version of the OS.

Now Flights has everything that you need the app for. Your main requirements are: cheap flight, direct if possible, availability anytime and reliability of course. All these are met with Flights as follows. This app will get you some of the best prices available anywhere on the web and you can compare them yourself with your own price list. You can set the flight duration and you can select whether you want a direct flight or an indirect one. So you have all the controls at your hand. Talking about the availability anytime, then there are so many options for flights the app gives you that you’ll be having plenty of them anytime.


Last but not the least is reliability as you can’t trust upon any app and book a thousand dollar ticket. Then let me tell you that this app doesn’t allow you to book a ticket from its server. When you apply to book a ticket, what it does is take you to the website which is hosting that price for the ticket. So it’s not involved in the deal at all and you can expect a no-loss deal for yourself.

You’ll love booking your tickets with Flights. There’s no confusion at all related to any booking procedure; everything is crystal clear and very simple as well. There are many filter options for you to make sure that the app works out the best choices for you and that as well at the very first time.

Flights is available for free in the Google Play Store. I’ve checked that there are some other apps available as well for the same purpose, but this can be regarded as the best of them.

Pros: simple to use; reliable; cheap flights available all the time; many filters; free.

Cons: none.

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