FitClick Talk-to-Track Diet: Get Perfect Shape !

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Positivies :easy to use, UI, concept
Negatives :none

Loose weight and get to shape with the new Tack-to-Track workout and diet tracker. Fitclick is the first iPhone app to offer a full set of workout and diet features and so far, it is the most featured iPhone app available in the Fitness and Healthcare category. The app not only offer an easy-to-use interface with a superior technology, but also provide a vast resource of fitness and fresh diet content that can be accessed through the app.


Fitclick offers more than just the usual essentials, which includes workout routines, calorie tracking, and syncing data online (website provided is The app has a workout routine tracker providing with more than 800 exercises. The exercises are easy to follow as detailed information along with the instruction videos are provided. For nutrition, Fitclick offers a nutrition tracking system for over 110,000+ foods (including store brands and food chains). With the help of the calorie tracker, one can track his/her calorie consumption rate and calories burned. The app allows access to with real-time syncing. The easy and simple design of the app gives it a comfortable touch with the iPhone.

Fitclick Advantages

When launching the Fitclick app for the first time, the user is asked to create a account or sign in to an existing one. While creating a new account, you’ll be led through the usual steps with an iPhone optimized website, and once you are done, you’ll be planted back to the app. After getting registered, your login info is remembered thereafter.

The ease of use that the app offers makes it fast and flexible to access.. The buttons are finger-sized and uniformly labeled, and the options are clearly available in the screen. You simply have to tap to access the exercise screen or the diet screen, and then advance to the exercise and food routines.

To add an exercise, you can simple search it from the database and then tap on it. Then you can keep track of your activities by including how many reps or minutes you have completed. Similarly, a food can be added from the huge database and then balance the quantities according to the diet list. With this feature, you can keep accurate records and calculate the calories burned and subtract it from your regular calorie intake allowance.

With the online access, the app offers a flawless syncing of all your information to the The data access facility provides the app with vast resources which includes searching database, adding food and exercises to the list. Through, you can gain access over 7,000 diet plans, 10,000 workout routines, 11,000 recipes, and much more.



Fitclick is a great iPhone app to help with workouts and general diet tracking. Overall, it is a good app with respect to its ease of use, volumes of detailed information within the app including videos, as well as its vast useful resources available from the website.

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