Feelu Helps You Understand, Express And Live Freely

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Positivies :UI, easy to use,
Negatives :none

The app Feelu is created with a mindset to help kids express and to relieve parents of stress. The app is a platform where information is creatively integrated and presented in an interactive manner to your child.


  • Creative outlook: The creativity matters the most when the audience to be reached are the Children. The right pick of colors creates an interesting atmosphere for the kids to be glued to the app along with the voice over that passes information in the play way manner.
  • How do you feel? A platform where kids and even parents can read and explore more about their feelings. An app that helps by educating kids on how to responds in certain situations like scared and heartbroken, which are at times, very difficult to be taken care of.
  • An extra step: Inclusion of Mindful and Kindness will help you, kid, know, how to go extras mile to help people feel good. The act is restricted not only to them but it even covers taking care of the animals and being kind to them as well.
  • Descriptive guide for parentsEvery parent wants to help their child in their difficult times. We understand the kind of confusion that arises when the feelings that go unexpressed or been piled up within oneself. Thus we have a detailed guide for parents under the section Parents, which would help you with few of the confusions running in mind regarding how to use and when to use Feelu. Taking help from this will help you explore and use Feelu as it is meant to be used for.

Feelu can help you with :- 

  • Tell exactly how much happy your child is and even set the level of anger as well. Save the feeling and keep a track of feeling changes over a month. Share it with your child to know their progress!
  • Keep kids get engaged in something more fruitful and emotionally balanced manner. Aiming to help kids feel more protected and cared for.
  • Regular practice of the three mentioned steps will help kids develop the habit of keeping bullying at a distance with confidence and gentleness.
  • Set the measure of your feeling and make it expressed the way you would like. Keep it to the highest level of happiness and even to the low level of anger as per your choice.

Last words:

Mental health is not a thing to be neglected. An emotionally balanced child is best seen to take initiatives and get more responsible for his/her family. As a step towards helping the child suffering from autism, Feelu has been created to be savvier with such special kids of the special spectrum.

Summary: Saying no to Bully and showing tantrums is not easy for everyone. We know this and hence wanted to curate something that will help kids learn how to deal with such situations. Feel free to express them and even take necessary actions when confronted with some challenging feeling within.

Features: 5

Connectivity: 4.5

User Interface: 5


Worth Having App – Download the AppWebsite link

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