It will be no overstatement saying, that Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon came to the market like a “thunder from the sky”! You should bear in mind that it’s a rather rare case in the gaming business, that a title shows up just like that – with no announcement or any earlier introduction. But for now, let’s get back to the center of the article, which obviously revolves around Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon… Speaking of which, is a complete treat in terms of design. Title offers absolutely amazing color palette that reminds the old-school science fiction movie era! Demo gives us access to one level, which can be completed in about 15-20 minutes, depending on your skill…

Let’s begin with the statement, that Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon has a completely different feel that every earlier game in the series… Yes, the newest installment is much closer to sci-fi than to the realistic setting of Far Cry 2! As for an Xbox live title, Blood Dragon offers very good graphics, animation and lighting effects! Developers achieved in building very smooth and efficient visuals for Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon… Sounds (explosions, screams etc) won’t disappoint you in terms of quality, as they truly participate in creating the game’s atmosphere. Blood Dragon’s music can be easily called one of the most climatic in the last few years!

Level included in the demo has enough variety in order to satisfy FPS veterans… It can be completed several times in a row, each time bringing out new secrets and previously hidden elements… That’s always a good news! It allows for rather positive hopes in connection with the retail game… Game price, which is situated at 1200 MP, may not seem extremely cheap, but you should bear in mind that you get a high-budget product with great visuals, game-play and weapons… So the quality of the title is right next to the price! Game weapons are very tightly implemented and give a great response! Shooting with Shotgun can give one of the best moments in FPS game ever! Speaking of controls, those are extremely responsive and make for one of the best aspects of the reviewed demo…

Upon taking into account all of the previously mentioned factors, there is only one way Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon can be judged… Although being a completely different game than its predecessors, title ended up as a quality product and therefore should easily find its fans just like the previous installments did.

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