Fantasy Kingdom Defense

by | Apr 15, 2013 | 0 comments

Platform : Android | Casual Games
Developer : Tequila Mobile
Positivies :; great graphics ;nicely balanced game-play
Negatives :; rather for strategy-maniacs!

Hello! Welcome once again to the Android world, where we will be reviewing a little, but certainly delightful Fantasy Kingdom Defence! This game represents obviously well-known tower defense genre, where players’ goal is to protect their base/castle/tower against enemy forces. Opponents come in waves, during which you have to prepare your defenses by setting traps, positioning troops and using every other force at your disposal to put enemy efforts right into the burial grounds…

The main Fantasy Kingdom Defense sequence follows this scenario: upon choosing a desired castle to play, you are transported to the battlefield, where everything for now is perfectly clear…You have a very short time to prepare defenses, until enemy troops will start coming. They are always coming out from the big blue transporters! You have 3 basic troops that you can buy and position in desired place: Knight, Archer and Mage.

Knight is the best in attacking at “zero range” as it deals this way the most damage.. In order to maximize their effectiveness you should position them in narrow passages, when enemy troops won’t be able to dodge them. Archers, though being the most expensive of defense Units, can lay long-range shoots with damage that is noticeably lower than Knight’s. Mage is a Unit that combines both Knights and Archer capabilities. His cost is positioned at average and he can lay some nice damage, but cannot reach Archer in terms of range…

Now, between battles you have an option to visit the Shop, where a long list of unlockables is at your service. You can buy different upgrades for your castle, gates and troops… These include a Wooden (Iron, Steel) Gate to the castle, that makes it harder to breach it. Also Elixirs may become handy, as they often grant huge bonuses to your troops (increased range of shots, attack strength of all troops etc.)

What’s really cool about Fantasy Kingdom Defense are special Units that can be unlocked, (Paladin, Warlock, Elf) for a price of 80 gems each! Gems are awarded after each completed castle, and the number of them given for this achievement, depends on the chosen difficulty. Game can be downloaded and played for free – this means no hidden payments or charging from your credit card. If you would like to support Fantasy Kingdom Defense, you can do it by buying in-game currency called Gems. This will give you instant access to many adorable items and upgrades for the game!

Fantasy Kingdom Defense has an adorable, comic-book like look to it and most of the time you will enjoy it’s fluid and never ending game-play! Although there are many tower defense games on the market, you should certainly give Fantasy Kingdoms Defense a go! It’s funny, challenging and what’s most important – completely free.

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