Family Link : Endless Fun with Family Members

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Genre : Android App
Platform : Android
Developer : Necta Game
Positivies :Visually entertaining game
Negatives :Nothing much to mention.

There are hundreds and hundreds of gaming apps that are launched on a daily basis, an app have to be unique to stand out distinctively by which it can attract the users eventually result in thousands of downloads. The classic tile matching genre have gained a lot of popularity and it is one of the expanding markets with immense potential for growth and development, family link game is one such tiling gaming app which has been developed and launched by Necta Game for the android device users. The app requires android software version 2.2 and up for its effective functioning. The app has been named appropriately since you can involve all your family members and have endless fun with this gaming app.

How it works?

The users can take pictures of their family members or upload it from gallery to upload the avatars of their family. Now, you can start playing the game in two different modes they are Leisure Mode and Challenge Mode. Click on the similar faces and gain points, 10 points are awarded for each correct pair. The face tiles don’t have to be in right next to each other, but it is essential to have a clear path to click on them and to make them disappear.  The users have to be really quick in hands and have the ability to identify similar patterns. The game is even more challenging even in the leisure mode when you play without any pictures, since the avatars used are very light colored and difficult to identify the similar patterns. It is a perfect way to train your eyes and brain to identify the minute changes and differences.

Users can get some extra points using the options given below the screen, there are 4 such options. The magnifier and the bomb shaped option help the users to gain extra points by identifying or making a pair of similar tiles to disappear. The reset option can be used to rearrange the formation in a comparatively easily identifiable manner. The last pink colored option allows the users to go in for upgrades by purchasing the add-on using real money.


  • Clear graphics along with the multi colored layout.
  • The users can use cool pictures of their family members as avatars.
  • Soothing background music along with the voice alarms when the user is running out of time nearing the end of the game
  • The pause feature helps the users to continue the game from any point where they have stopped without the stress of losing their points.
  • The ranking board holds the name of the top scorers which can be verified at the convenience of the user.
  • Users can enter and play in leader boards when they qualify for it.


Family Link is a very entertaining gaming app which ensures fun for and excitement for all its players. The app is available in the Google play store and can be downloaded for free. So, download the app and have fun time with your whole family.

Good –Visually entertaining game

Bad – The game gets stuck when you pause and return back.

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