Fact Mountain – U.S. Presidents : App for History Lovers!

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Genre : iOS Game
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Positivies :UI, screens, educative
Negatives :none

Fact Mountain app is one of the Famous apps designed by FOOTHILLS EDUCATION, LLC. It was updated on Aug 31, 2015. It is Rated 4+ and has trendmendous features for help in study. It is compatible with iOS 8.4 or later as well with I phone, I pad IPod touch.


If you are a history lover then this app is quite special for you because it provides a quite Professional way to learn the history of US PRESIDENTS.
Actually, it is based on quiz about US PRESIDENTS. Quiz bowl players are allowed to learn the basics about the US PRESIDENTS history. It gives study aid in a quite Fantastic Way in MS/HS/college courses and for standardized tests like AP™/CLEP™ exams. .


It is developed with three modes in it all having different features. First of all Mode 1, is PLAY GAME. It is very basic mode and allows the user to check out their knowledge in a single Player quiz game. User has to accomplish a mission of climbing the fact mountain but how so? All he has to do is to choose the correct answer through auto complete option and if you are right then these correct answers will help you climb the FACT MOUNTAIN. Be more correct in answers and the upper you go in the app. That’s how it testify someone knowledge. Don’t be wrong otherwise you will be out from the game. It allows the user to enhance his knowledge in the form of quiz game.


It has a second mode named STUDY PRESIDENTS which allows the app users to study the presidents of US biography and other details. All you have to do is to select the one of the given presidents name as mentioned in the list of US PRESIDENTS and study all clues about him. You have to start from hardest (50) to easiest (1). Now as you go on, your knowledge will extend and you will surely to love to go further and learn all clues until the final one. There are Hyperlinks in each US PRESIDENT clues, use them to extend your info about the president through internet help. These Hyperlinks are very helpful for they give a lot about the life of US PRESIDENT history. Once clicked, you will reach the never read facts and never known knowledge about the president that you are studying.

There’s the third mode named as USE FLASH CARDS, all you have to do is to select a flash card from all. It is also ranked from hardest (50) to easiest (1). From all sets of flash cards, app user has to start from flash card set 1 and win the set by the most correct answers. The app user has to be careful about their answers. As they go on the difficulty level increases as well. They have to work in a quite respective manner to accomplish the mission of winning the set.
We strongly recommend the app user to take the initiative from the Mode 3 and go on until they reach flash card set 5. From then they can start the game mode and climb up the fact mountain by giving the correct answers. To reach the top of Fact Mountain is the mission of app user. Thanks
Worth Having App – Download the App

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