Explore and Adventure the Favorite Theme Parks with Magical Hunt

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Genre :
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Ronald Mcclellan
Positivies :fun, graphics, UI
Negatives :none

Have you decided to organize a scavenger hunt for your family, friends, or colleagues? Wondering how to begin? Don’t worry. Magical Hunt is one great scavenger app that is available for you to spend your leisure time the fun way. This scavenger hunt app has all basic features that let you create tasks for the teams or players to complete.

Given by Ronald Mcclellan, Magical Hunt is so simple and easy to game with. You just have to be sure that all the players own a smartphone and they have data and GPS enabled during the game. There are so many hunt items in each park pack that has many categories like Rides, Finding Items, Eating Yummy Treats, Photo’s, and Purchasing Items. The app is free for download and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It has 2 free sample park packs and full park packs as in-app purchases for all of the Magical theme parks situated in California and Florida.

People can make use of this scavenger game for family events, corporate team building, picnics and much more. To play the game, you have to be invited into an existing game by someone with the help of a code. Magical Hunt makes scavenger hunts to help you get moving, collaborating, and most of all have FUN with all those you know. Members must simply log in, enter the access code for the game, and have a blast getting all the clues, finishing challenges and get points to help the team attain victory. Those who finish the task with the most points are the winners of the game.

Magical Hunt has so many options that let you play the game without any hassles. The interface and colours used in the app are so cool. Users can create an unlimited number of scavenger hunts with this awesome app. The host of the game can set the start date and time, hunt duration, difficulty level, etc. With the fear of the pandemic upon us, this is a socially distanced scavenger hunt app that guarantees loads of fun and works without any flaws. The in-app purchases offer many different games for a price of $6.99 each.

When you play Magical Hunt you will know how a good scavenger hunt game will be. It is a great treat to all those who love spending time outdoors. It is one awesome tool for the love of exploration and adventure.

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