Evade Maze: Must have Fun Game

by | May 7, 2015 | 0 comments

Genre : iOS Game
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Comis d o o
Positivies :graphics, game play
Negatives :none


There are lot of games you will find in the App which offers a lot of flamboyant graphics with detailed information. But now are days, people are shifting towards a small but enjoyable games which could be played without putting much stress on the already stressed minds and downloading stats of such game-play shows the popularity as well. Simple puzzle game are always nice exercise to rejuvenate and review back the fresh flow of juices for mind. Through an era of complex elaborated and most action games, these games still run smoothly going through a vast change of pattern. So today, the game which will be reviewed here is not a brain storming puzzle, not even action –packed adventurous arcade, but a beautiful small game pack which is all enough to keep your brain refreshed. It is all about a latest iOS gameApp called ‘Event Maze’ which is designed and developed by ‘Cosmis d.o.o’. The game is optimized for ’iPhone 5’ but it is fully configurable with ‘iPad touch’, and other iPhone which runs on iOS 8.0 or any upgraded version.



1) ‘Event maze’ is a space maze game in which you will be trying to save an alien ship from the moving space obstacles. The Alien ship can neither shoot nor hide somewhere in the open space. All we can do is just to avoid the flying objects that are coming towards ship. The game starts with single obstacle in the first level, which keeps on multiplying as the level increases. The new hurdles will be emerging as time passes to grab you neck at any second. This game substantially follows the pattern of ‘Gets harder with the time’. So, user will have to continuously change the strategy with every new obstacles. It’s an endless game-pack which will go on running without cease until you finally avert the consequences which will surely happen at later stages.


2) It’s a good exercise of a mind at any time and one sip of this maze game will provide a good power-break from the busy schedule to get you ready for back to work. It will also help to keep your senses calm and sharpen your brain.

3) The game is emphasized with minimal yet beautiful graphics and clear soundtracks .The controls in the game are super simple and responsive. This game will never be a headache or bored no matter how long or how frequently you will be playing.


4) The global and local leader-board always boost you to achieve the new high score as you enter into the arena. The highest score always continues in loop so every time you will get a new ‘Highest Score’ to beat. This will keep the challenge always on.


Overall, Event Maze is beautifully designed with high resolution graphics and clean soundtrack, which makes it always a perk to play this mind buster. Developers have done lot of brainstorming to make every new level a bit more challenging which keeps an excitement of this endless game-play. Hence ‘Event Maze’ surely deserves a place in your App menu to get your mind refreshed time by time.

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