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When you drink or take drugs, you really enjoy life and forget about the rest of the world. Are these drugs safe for you? Probably, the answer is ‘No’! Of course, these things affect you and other parts of your life. It’s better if you realise that they are harmful for your body and affect your family as well! If you or anyone connected with you is taking any substance, you can stop them! It’s okay if you enjoy alcohol on occasions, but when it becomes an addiction, it is a serious matter of concern. Every addict has their own reason being addicted to something. They think it’s their habit of drinking, smoking and they don’t even realise when it became an addiction! Some people don’t want to quit an addiction and some want to get rid of it and try to quit on their own. Today, people who are addicted to something take treatments to quit it and they are supervised and kept away from all those substances that influence them. It’s a great effort. However, it’s very difficult to do!

It’s true that “After every dark night comes a glorious morning of a new day!” So there is an amazing app which I’m going to introduce which is meant for the people who have undergone any addiction treatment and want some more time to quit the addiction completely. Yes, it’s known as Eudaimonia sober living homes! It’s like a shelter for those people for a better living so that they remain unaffected from the violent environment and any substance that leads to addiction! It helps to recover them fast in a fun and engaging way! Let me introduce you about the app and its functions:

There are so many functions of the app:

  • Engaging with the residents by providing them timely help and support. Sober living residents can report a concern, take help from a friend, receive addiction treatment quickly based on their circumstances and needs.
  • Provides sober living property information. It includes general resident guidelines and cleanliness standards of the home, details about the associated city transit system, and a maintenance request portal. It also allows its clients to easily provide notice of departure or request a payment plan.
  • The app makes it easy for clients to fully engage with their recovery program by providing weekly and facility check-ins, a full schedule of events for each sober living home, a tracking system for rewards, nearby recovery meetings, schools, and employment opportunities, and medication updates to avoid false positives on drug tests.
  • Provides a calendar of social events so that the residents engage with sober peers, a scheduling tool to easily organize outings with other residents and even a sign-up sheet for sponsorship.
  • Progress fun with a score- keeping game based on some points awarded for completing program tasks. They can gain points every time they attend recovery meetings, complete check-ins and drug tests, and attend house meetings clients can even choose an avatar and trade in the points for rewards like extended curfews and overnight passes.

Overall, it’s a great app to use and quit an addiction completely for a better living! The app adds features on a daily basis and provides a fun and successful recovery experience at Eudaimonia recovery homes! The Eudaimonia sober living app is available for both Android as well iOS systems. Get it now!

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