Enjoy your time and get interesting wall papers : LifeBox

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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Daisuke Sonobe
Positivies :wall papers
Negatives :none

Daisuke Sonobe has introduced an interesting lifestyle application, LifeBox, on the iTunes. The app comes with an interesting visual which displays boxes and stick figures within them performing various actions. The users can simply enjoy by watching the performance of the stick figures within the boxes and can also control the boxes by moving, adding as well as deleting boxes actually appearing on the screen. It is also possible to arrange the boxes in different ways.


The most interesting part about this application is that, you can even take snapshot of the full screen or some parts of the figures actions and use it as original wallpaper on your iPhone. So, making your iPhone fancy with interesting and attractive wallpapers that are exclusive and designed as per your likings now has become pretty simple. The boxes along with the stick people make the background so interesting that any one taking a look at the image will try to tap the boxes to see the actions. Some of the other features of the application are highlighted below:



  • The application at one hand offers you a great way of enjoyment by watching the actions of the stick people within the boxes, and on the other hand provides you with original and unique wallpapers for your iPhone.
  • The app offers you the best ways for customization; you can move a box, swipe a box up or down or sideways, you can also transfer it from one place to other.
  • It is also simple to delete the boxes. All it takes is tapping a box for a bit long to delete it from your screen.
  • Adding a box is also simple. The user needs to tap the cart icon and chose the box type he/she wants to be added, and it is there within seconds.
  • In order to add variations to the app, 4 colors are available for each of the boxes. The colors are white, yellow, red and green.
  • The game starts with 5 operating white boxes, and there are 15 more varieties of boxes that can be added. Each of the boxes has different performance, and the theme for each of the box is mentioned in the Box introduction.
  • For changing the wall paper the user needs to go to the Menu and tap change wallpaper, and select the image he/she wish to use as a wallpaper.
  • The application is presently available in English and Japanese and the latest running version 2.0.0 includes enhanced features.
  • The app needs iOS 7.0 or later for smooth running. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and is optimized for iPhone 5, 6 and iPhone 6 plus. The app takes only 349 MB space on the memory chip.

Summary: LifeBox is a fresh lifestyle application that offers great entertainment and also serves as a source of new and exclusive wallpapers that are highly interesting and attractive.

Good: The latest version includes more detailed content and changing the wallpaper is easier. Discount rates in App Billing are also available.

Bad: No bad reports about the application have yet been received.

Worth Having Application –  Download the App

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