Elsword is quite unique when put in comparison to most of MMO products on the market… Game achieves in combing beat’em up with RPG elements to great effect! In Elsword you enter a kind of fantasy world, where adventure for glory begins…

Elsword shines in terms of combat, fights are very stylish and allowing for multiple combinations! Game supports a nice party system. Players wait in the lobby where they are able to choose their destined mission, difficulty and a number of other options. When they make up their minds, they hit “ready” button and in a few seconds are tele-ported to desired location.

Dungeons are special locations in Elsword that are involved in the game story and need to be cleared in order to finish a related quest. What’s unique for a fighting game, Elsword has a very nice questing system. You accept them from people along the way. Doing quests often results in valuable rewards. Characters make progress and gain experience as they fight monsters and perform given tasks. What’s really cool about the game, are great skills that can be further developed when you gain enough skill points (SP). In Elsword we have 6 playable classes, each of them with own style of play. I especially liked Chung, who wields a heavy cannon, this is really a great idea!

Elsword is a game that’s pleasant to your eyes and ears! For the most of the time, you will enjoy fluent animation and colorful graphics. Game should be greeted by all fans of good action, and even RPG maniacs shouldn’t be disappointed with Elsword… Prepare yourself, it’s a game that can completely shock with what it can really do!

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