Eforb – Your Web Platform for Sharing Your Business Information

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Genre : Web
Platform : Web app
Developer : Eforb
Positivies :Unique. Best Business app
Negatives :None

If you are looking for an online platform for your business which can support multiple usages, Eforb can make the best option for you. Eforb is an online service that offers a robust platform to the business world in order to hold all the elements of the business at one place, and at the same time serves as major resource of local, national and international information on products, services, companies, pubs, people and what not. Eforb is the latest project of the creative designer Anton Ustimenko, who is renowned for his innovative and unique projects designed to serve the business world.

Eforb works like a social network which is wholly dedicated for business. Through Eforb you can present your business online, search for companies for partnership or services, you can also communicate directly with the officials of these companies to arrange meetings or online discussions. Apart from the business aspect, the web application also acts as a major repository of entertainment resources such as music and videos.



  • A complete web application that runs on your laptop, tablets and desktop and offers an integrated robust platform for business communication and promotion.
  • Eforb is supported by an extensive database which makes it powerful and speedy in its service.
  • Eforb web app comes in an easy to use structure, which makes it simple yet effective for every type of use. The database of the application has been divided into different sections and related topics have been stored under each of the tab, which makes the searching process simple.
  • The application can work as a nice platform for business promotion. With your business enlisted in Eforb you can expect high customer awareness and at the same time can make a good impact on your customers.
  • Eforb can be accessed by any one, from anywhere, at any time of the day; which means it is always available at your service, and you can avail the assistance as per your requirements.
  • Eforb maintains a detailed database of video and audio files which can successively take care of the entertainment needs of the business professionals as well as the customers. In fact this huge database of high quality videos and audios often act as a prime reason for attracting huge number of visitors.
  • The software has simple terms of usage, and the company also maintains strict privacy policy to ensure the best safety of the client information.
  • Presently, the beta version of the application is running and it is open for feedbacks, which are sure to get serious consideration in formulating the final version.
  • The application and all its tools come for absolutely free.

Summary: The Eforb web application offers a robust platform to the business world for seamless communication and sharing. On the other hand, the application also makes a great service for the internet users for finding out any product or service they might be looking for. Developed by Anton Ustimenko, Eforb is surely the web app of the next generation.

Good: The application is unique and is available free of cost.

Bad: There have been no negative reports about the application, so far.

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