Eat Man, Action Game – Feed Yourself To The Monster To Return Back To Earth

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Genre : Android App
Platform : Android
Developer : MDeeApp
Positivies :UI, graphics, colors
Negatives :none

Action games get your adrenaline pumping, and puts your reflexes and wits to a test. Though there are a variety of action games involving shooters, platformers, fights and adventures available online, only a few would keep you in place for hours together.

One of the best arcade platformers on the Play Store right now is the Eat Man, Action Game developed by MDeeApp. The game requires your hand – eye coordination and needs your fingers moving all the time. This action game is very adventurous and doesn’t take much of your phone’s memory space thereby facilitating a hassle free gaming experience. The player has to go through the various hurdles like spikes, meteors, spiders, rockets and stones and make out alive to feed himself to the monsters. Quite interesting isn’t it?

Yes. Just as the name suggests, the gameplay of Eat Man – Action Game is very different. The game comes like a story where a man is stuck in a remote planet and has to find his spaceship to return back to earth. The task of the player is to cross all the rotating objects on the way without being killed so as to reach the monster’s belly. Each time you get eaten by the monster you are reborn to proceed to the next level. The crunching sound of the app as the monster’s chews you is very realistic. I would give 5 stars for the app’s awesome graphics and genuine concept.

Eat Man, Action Game comprises of six different worlds each with a dozen levels. So, it is no wonder that you are going to have hours of entertainment for sure. The player has to complete one level to proceed to the next. You can collect diamonds on the course of the game to unlock new worlds. The game has three control arrows namely the left, right and up arrow using which you can either move left or right and jump from one place to another respectively. If you survive against all odds, and complete all the levels you can reach your spaceship to return back to earth.

Eat Man’s interface is very simple and aesthetic. The hand-drawn like graphics makes it more attractive. Some features like social media sharing, leader board options when included in the app could be an added plus. The sound and music of the app is more fascinating. You can turn on/off the sound effects using the settings icon.

Eat Man, Action Game can be downloaded for free on all Android devices.

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