It’s often nowadays that you’re required to give a presentation in front of your colleagues to describe any new project you were working. It has also been used as a very extensive tool for the students to check their confidence level and help them improve their managing skills by including it in their syllabi. But these are generally pressure situations and students are more liable to commit mistakes most common of which are to forget the USB having the PPT or some “last moment” compatibility problems. These things certainly lower down your confidence level and bring extra worries to your pocket. So, it’s better to find a better and more simplified solution to it and we guess that Seowonjin from Korea has found it.

Seowonjin is an app developer who has recently released EasyPPT in the Android Play Store. The app is compatible with 2.3.3 and up and therefore can be used on most of the Android devices. The app works out a very unique and simple solution to the above problems. The biggest problem during a PPT is controlling it as you desire. When the computer is away from your reach, it’s difficult to cover up the entire projector screen. So, here’s the solution for this.

EasyPPT allows you to use your phone as the remote controller of the computer device connected either to the projector or stand alone. There are two modes of application: Web and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. Suppose you have the PPT in your PC, then using the web mode, upload it on web and the app will generate an IP address for its location. Enter this IP into the app and the PPT will be downloaded to your device.

But having the PPT on your phone doesn’t solve this problem. The app synchronizes your phone with your PC using a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. So, when you are giving the presentation, you can control it with your Android Phone. But apart from this, you also have access to some tools which can be very useful during PPT. You can scroll between pages and they will be automatically turned on the big screen. Also, you can mark/highlight text with your finger or stylus. These functions are just what you want and exactly match my requirements during such a presentation.

The interface of the app is user friendly and very easy to operate during such confusing situations. But the app cannot be credited to be perfect in what it does. There are many syncing problems as well as forced closing of the app during operation. These problems can be very much disastrous during live sessions and may even worsen your performance. But the app has the potential with a very unique idea and if improved a little further, may be one of the best apps on the Play Store.

The app is available for free in the Play Store. So, be sure to pick it up as soon as possible.

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