There are certain series in the industry that achieved in causing a tremendous impact on the gaming world! To our serious disappointment those (often classic) titles, doesn’t live up to today’s gaming standards!

Unfortunately, this status applies to the reviewed Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara… Game is frustrating, boring to the bone and plays like it was developed in the prehistoric era!

We all love products that somehow bring us closer to the “good-old days”, through intensifying the sentimental feel… I truly understand it! But Chronicles of Mystara is so outdated, that it can’t really compete with anything…

Sorry for telling this, but I can’t recommend this product to anyone… This would be a lie. Speaking of the demo version, its just laughable with the time permitting for about 3 minutes of game-play! Yes – pathetic.

This game, could have been a smash hit about 20 years ago! Now, it can only scare away children with blurry textures and tragic sounds… In my opinion game was released in order to make some easy money basing on the classic franchise!

Instead, we should get a greatly recreated port of Mystara with updated graphics and game-play… If you love annoying to the bone, frustrating games – this is something for you!

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