Dungeon Party

by | Mar 19, 2013 | 0 comments

Genre : Strategy
Platform : PC
Developer : Cyanide Studio
Positivies :; game has a great deal of humor in it! : good background music
Negatives :; graphics will not blow your eyes off!

Hello, and welcome all of you adventurers form all over the world! Going with Dungeon Party is like finding a golden chest in the middle of nowhere! There are obvious reasons that stand behind my statement… And I’m going to tell you exactly why… So listen! Dungeon Party owes my respect in a few places… Firstly, beginning with ironic and knee-deep sense of humor…  The game characters are seriously crazy and will make you want to laugh just by looking at them, because most of them are wanna-be-heroes and other particularly funny beings! In terms of design, there couldn’t be more idiotically funny characters at once! The main Dungeon Party mode is multi-player where players are set in two teams: Losers and Leavers. Which one is better? This is of no importance right now. What really matters is fact, that the only reliable method to prove your worth in the world of Dungeon Party is by playing a competitive team oriented match.. Ingenious, yes!

Dungeon Party has a nice cast of pre-made characters, that range from anything like a two-metre bad-ass wielding a huge sword to wizards, being especially adapt in using magical force. Prepare to expect everything here – this one of the most crazy worlds out there! Every hero has unique skills, statistics and look. Speaking of skills this is something Dungeon Party can be really proud of! Skills play a particular role on the battlefield. These can be mapped to a little skill keypad, that will activate them when needed. In general skills come in two categories:active and passive. A passive skill takes effect all the time.. But the other has to be activated to affect the game. Now, skills have different casting costs, damage or healing output or other special effects.

The last reason for my scheme of giving a higher score than expected, is what we love, about games: it’s”free-to-play”. Yes you can play freely with no strings attached to it at all! Dungeon Party is a great game with lots things to enjoy… This not a product for an one-session mastering, so prepare for longer adventure with party… This game is a somewhat original and more varied that your standard-MMO. While in terms of graphics game is not especially spectacular, Dungeon Party makes up for it with good design and overall atmosphere… But when it comes to music, product shines with a good jazz-oriented background sound…

Dungeon Party will indeed bring great memories to all of you with the adventurer’s heart and treasurer’s nose… In terms of originality, this product is a bar above your-standard- you name it – MMO…Dungeon Party has elements of team strategy and experience collecting borrowed from RPG! Its one of those games that just can’t be phrased with just one or two words.. Yes, this game has no reasons to disappoint you.

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