Drone Lander Game: Make Perfect Landing With A Drone and Gain Bonus Gold

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Genre : Android Game
Platform : Android
Developer : sysreb
Positivies :UI, graphics
Negatives :none

It is clear that the currently trending adventurous game is absolutely the Drone Lander. This amazing game designed by Sysreb comes packed with a great challenge of enabling the drone to perfectly land at the landing point circle. The interesting thing about this fantastic game is that it has adopted amazing visual effects and animations which are super awesome. Besides, the high quality sound effects are soothing and well-inclined to the game to offer a lively experience as one make the drone to land. Additionally, with the presence of numerous levels to engage with, the player will find the game perfect for boosting great gaming skills.

Mastering the Drone Lander app game

The game comes with different control features that need to be mastered in order to deliver great performance. As a novice player, there are different levels ready to be tackled which may take some little time before mastering fully. Once the drone has been launched into the sky, the player can apply the RPM in order to ensure that it remains stable and balanced in the sky. There is also the control located on the left that is meant to adjust the drone’s direction; this can either be backward, forward, right and left. These features are meant to ensure that the drone is able to overcome any obstacles on the way and make a smooth landing.


The app has been designed to operate on Android devices. The preferred version for Android starts from 2.3 and above. This is to ensure that the output delivered is of high quality and exceed user’s expectations.

Here are the unique features that one will discover from the Drone Lander app game:


Full battery bar

In order to fully complete one flight in Drone Lander app game, the player will be required to obtain a full battery bar. What does this imply? Actually, after a gameplay, one will be required to watch a video and get the battery bar in an instant or wait for 10 minutes in order to resume the gameplay.

Levels of the Gameplay

There are more than 45 levels offered by the Drone Lander app game that are worth playing. On the other hand, there are difficult levels which are classified as Beginner ( Easy to manage), Advanced and Expert levels. Apparently, the higher the level, the more gold bonuses received! Meanwhile, higher levels come with more control needed at hand.

Unique types of drones

Apparently, the drone models have been designed to contain different control features that make their performance to slightly vary. For instance, altitude feature facilitate maximum altitude to be reached, handling feature boost sensitivity whereas acceleration and speed checks on the stability and how fast the drone can fly.

Earnings and Achievements

With the aim of rewarding the player for tackling challenging levels, the Drone Lander app game has introduced three achievements that can highly boost the number of bonus gold achieved. They include the Fast (Landing as fast as possible), Precise (Landing in the center of the circle) and Super (Must Land Very Fast). The player is rewarded generously upon making such achievements. It is absolutely worth trying out this feature!


Distinct and straight-forward maps

The maps that have been introduced in this Drone Lander app game are unique in their own way. This is both in display and functionality. Apparently, they are meant to offer correct and accurate guidance to the player in the course of controlling the drone. This makes the player to experience no hassle when locating the landing point!

Check below for the Pros and Cons:


· More gold after making achievements

· Wide range of drones to try out

· Challenging difficult options are rewarding

· High quality control features

· Simple and intuitive in nature


· Challenging levels difficult to tackle

· Infrequency experienced at times


It is clear that this adventure-packed Drone Lander app game is incredibly amazing when it comes to delivering great output. With lots of levels to tackle and claim bonus gold, a chance to learn and experience great fun is unveiled to its users. This is a must recommend for any game lover. It is currently ready for download at Google Play. Get it now!

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