Draw and Escape is a very unique, fast paced, driving/drawing game. B&V games have a pedigree of developing fun iPhone games, and this is no exception.

The game revolves around the principle of drawing the road ahead in a vertical manner to get away from the cop car in pursuit. It sounds simple, but is made more difficult by the number of obstacles and pickups in your way. As well as trying to maneuver around these, you also have to control the car, as draw a large downhill and you will fly off the end, or draw a large uphill and watch the cop car catch up to you. All of this occurs while you are moving, so there is nonstop action that requires your full attention.

The only downside of the gameplay is that on smaller devices your finger obscures what is coming up next as you draw the track, so it’s difficult to plan ahead – but if you have an iPad, this shouldn’t be a problem.

There is a micro-transaction scheme embedded in the game, and this isn’t usually a problem as it encourages developers to add more content, but in this case there is so little content, even with the micro-transactions, that buying additional extras is really a requirement instead of a luxury. You start the game with one car, and one track. You will quickly get bored of this, so feel the need to buy another car or track. The big problem is that even if you bought everything in the game, there would still only be two cars and three tracks – that is really abysmal considering the amount of content is available in free games on the App Store.

It is possible to play the game as a means to amount coins, but you earn so few that this isn’t really viable. It is unfortunate that these small problems damper what would otherwise have been a stellar game.

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