Dragon Kingdom – The Virtual Reality of Being a King

by | Oct 9, 2012 | 0 comments

Genre : Android Game
Platform : Android
Developer : X6 Game
Positivies :awesome interface ,smooth graphics
Negatives :numerous pop-up windows,game-play requires aggressiveness ,it is also an online game, advent of malware may access your message box

It is not just the history and archeology enthusiasts who wonder about how it is to be a real king and have a kingdom of their own. Every single individual in this world has, at some point in time, harbored thoughts of being a king or queen. It is this desire of the human mind that the game ‘Dragon Kingdom’, developed by X6 Game, caters to.  The player gets to be a king who is hungry for conquests and does so by acquiring the necessary resources and fighting enemies, pirates and dragons to protect your land. Its central idea involves simulation, role play and strategy and gives us an extreme dose of virtual reality with a requirement of Android 2.1 and above.

Game play highlights

  • A login mechanism, either through the credentials created at the time of installing or through face book id. This feature is available in the updated version where in the player is able to post statuses and profile updates to the networking site directly
  • Resource generation through harvesting of trees on land, ships in water (for fish) and other raw materials like lumber from lumber mill
  • As it would be in a kingdom, we have got houses for people to live in, cathedrals and warehouses
  • In case an enemy attacks, we have cavalry resources like knights, gunners and archers whose numbers can be chosen by us in order to start a war
  • The enemy may have the skill and strength either more than us or lesser than us depending on which we can choose to war or not. This decides where we stand in the game. For example, if the enemy is a ghost ship, the ship consists of around a hundred floors which we have to conquer one-by-one. And the higher we go, the enemy gets tougher
  • We can play this game online competitively with players around the world
  • Legion expansion and money collection happens on reaching new levels and completing new quests
  • There is a separate display window to show the actual battle taking place which is a lot of fun to watch
  • There are loads of quests to be completed that can keep you occupied for a long time

Pros and cons

This game has got an awesome interface that is difficult to match to by any app. Delightful colors combined with smooth graphics puts its players to a trance with an inability to concentrate on anything else. It is productively addictive and its higher levels require a remarkable display of strategy. Though the numerous pop-up windows along with its numerous buttons within the app invoke slight edginess, the overall game-play requires aggressiveness in order to play competitively against the other online players. Since it is also an online game, advent of malware may access your message box and other SD card contents.


Dragon Kingdom is a game that I truly enjoyed playing since it gets a petty part of your sub-conscious involved for role play and strategy creation. The enhancement of this version, like addition of hero transfer function and reputation measurement, puts this game app on par with strategy games developed by the renowned Zynga.

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