Double Dragon II demo

by | Apr 29, 2013 | 0 comments

Genre : Action
Platform : XBox 360
Positivies :; double dragon strikes in 3d!
Negatives :; can put off less experienced players!

Sometimes, we come across “gaming pearls” of the industry, that are especially close to players and bear a classic (unforgettable) status.. Double Dragon is obviously one of these, and the mystery of its greatness spread in no time, to gamers all around the world. Although, when a classic arcade hit like Double Dragon makes a comeback (after long long while) it often shows that these titles don’t stack up to the newest gaming trends!

Obviously, Double Dragon has changed over time, and you shouldn’t expect the newest installment to be a perfect copy of the original.. Latest Dragon is different, because of the change of perspective. Game has a little different style to it, so you just have to accustom to this enhancements in the Double Dragon… Now, the game is distributed through Xbox live arcade, at the price of 800 MP!

The role of main protagonists is played by the unbeatable duo in the form of: Billie and Jimmie. Reviewed demo offers only one level from the story mode, which is a little bit to small to judge the full game… But this demo should also increase your appetite for the full version, too. At the end of stage we face an insanely huge boss, which can get a little bit annoying, because this means fighting with a few opponents at once!

You will need a little bit of practice in order to get the control system… I was a little bit angry, because kick was mapped instead of jump command! What’s really worth noticing in the latest game in the franchise, is the fact that game now offers a full-scaled fighting system, that involves combos, special moves and many more!

This is really generous of developers, because it makes the game-play more skill oriented, as in the previous titles… For the very first time in the history of Double Dragon, franchise changed the presentation, by going into 3d perspective… This means a lot of changes. Characters are allowed more freedom in movement, as they were in previous installments.

Game won’t certainly stun you with its visuals or sound, but these aren’t disgusting in any way… Although demo isn’t perfectly coded and has some little quirks, it gives belief that the full version of Double Dragon 2 will give many players lots of fun, as long as they are into this kind of games. Demo offers a little while of fun, that should last as long as you like old-school products that are rather simplistic, but extremely hard to master…

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