Imagine a game that is extremely solid and completely free for Xbox live Gold users… You must be kidding me, seems like a child’s dream… But you know what, this dream actually came true! It is called Doritos Crash Course 2. Putting it simple: you and your opponents make a crazy run through an obstacle course filled to the bones with traps. Those range from nasty pits, falling rocks to big rolling hammers! Yes, this is one completely insane experience and Crash Course delivers what’s best in arcade genre! This game is one of those titles that perfectly recreate the feel of pure competition between players. Crash Course will make you easily struggle for hundreds of times in order to beat your previous score!

Game bases on a incredibly simplistic prospect, you have a set of courses that can be unlocked for golden coins! Coins are earned during runs, as a reward for completing a level! Yes, this is as simple as that and everyone will get the idea in minutes… The greatest potential of the game lies in the fact, that it’s insanely easy to learn but can be extremely hard to master! Crash Course 2 can be easily recommended to gamers at all ages, as it brings something very rewarding and exciting! Game is very well developed, has beautiful graphics and sound! Crash Course is a treat to the eye and brings very pleasant feelings when looked at!

Upon adding up all of the previously mentioned factors… game is a perfect addition to every arcade collection. Crash Course 2 is about beautiful graphics, addictiveness and extreme motivation of the player… Simply great! PS. This game is a free download for live Gold users, making it a completely perfect title!

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