DodgeBawl Online- Unique, Thrilling and Fun Game

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Genre : Android Game
Platform : Android
Positivies :screens, fun, thrill
Negatives :none

Dodge Bawl is an extremely fun and exciting new animated game for Android devices. Brought to you exclusively by BreakTheRules studio, Dodge Bawl takes the incredibly fast-paced game of dodgebawl to your smartphone, adds some innovative and impressive features to it and manages to make it even more thrilling. Whether you are an avid dodgebawl fan, you want to try play the game for the first time, or you are just looking for some action-packed animated fun, Dodge Bawl is the ideal game for your Android smartphone or tablet.


Game Features:

Featuring eight exciting animated characters to choose from. Each character has their own unique strengths and weakness and are rated from one to five stars on attributes such as speed and strength. Each character also has a hidden power for you to exploit your opponents weaknesses with and get that beautiful taste of victory.


High performance gameplay. Dodge Bawl has been developed using excellent quality software ensuring that each game you play flows smoothly and effortlessly with impressive animated graphics that keep you coming back for more.

Online mode allowing up to six players from all around the world to play dodge ball. Compete with your friends in co-op online games or simply play with and against other players worldwide! The online experience is a whole lot of fun and not to be missed. Get your team in gear and come up with effective strategies to beat your opponents. The dodgebawl online community is waiting for you to join!


The practice mode allows you to hone and refine your dodgebawl skills and helps ensure you are ready to take on absolutely any opponent. Whether your defence or attack needs work, you can cater for both with this impressive feature. Practice makes perfect and this old saying is true for Dodge Bawl so get out on the practice court and improve your skills!

Immerse yourself in a new world! The animated character aspect ensures you are not only getting a sport game, you are opening yourself up to a whole new world of animated fun.

Dodge Bawl also features a very impressive online store. There are a huge range of in-game purchases available for you to choose from, ensuring you will never get bored of this game. You can purchase new attire for your characters, different boosts for your players and even exclusive new characters to play your favourite dodgebawl game with. The in-app purchases are also very cheap so you won’t be breaking the bank here!

Easy to learn how to play. Featuring innovative swipe to shoot technology, the developers of this game have made sure that dodgebawl makes the transition from real life to mobile devices seamlessly and effortlessly. It is a pleasure to play it.


DodgeBawl is easily one of the most unique, thrilling and fun games that has ever been released to Android. The concept is brilliant and the developers have made sure that they have represented the wonderful game of dodgebawl brilliantly on mobile devices. The range of in-app purchases is quite impressive and the online mode is very addictive. DodgeBawl is a game that will keep you coming back repeatedly for more high octane action! download now on the Google Play Store!

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