DiveBomb Chomp: Bite into a Fun, Thrilling Adventure

by | Jan 4, 2015 | 0 comments

Genre : Android Game
Platform : Android
Developer : Beau James Games
Positivies :unique concept; stunning graphics
Negatives :None

Have you ever tried eating something that’s bigger than your own self? I know it’s a bit silly question but after having watched all those Man Vs Wild shows on TLC, I’ve learned that it’s actually possible. You just got to have the dedication and of course appetite that you can gulp it all in one shot. So I tried by ordering some big pizzas while I was alone at home. It was all going good until I stopped listening to my stomach and kept eating those slices until my stomach shout out so loud that even my neighbours could hear it. At the end of the day, it was all a dirty mess and you know what I mean. I was ill for the next few days and the experience was not at all memorable. I guess it was the same experience that inspired Beau James Games to create DiveBomb Chomp.


To all those who don’t know it yet, DiveBomb Chomp is an Android app that has been developed by Beau James Games. The app is released on the Google Play android store and Ouya.

DiveBomb Chomp has a very unique gameplay. There is a very cute creature that is falling down the sky. He is very small in size and has an appetite as big as himself. But the more he eats, the more he grows and the more he can eat again. There is a rule that he can only eat things that are smaller or equal in size to him and he must ignore the rest. So you’ll see him growing down the lane and become several times the size he came with. But you must keep feeding him continuously or else his health meter will decay out very quickly. But there are far more different and vicious things than just clouds and eating products hanging in the sky. These untouchable objects reduce his life quickly but thankfully there are some power ups as well to compensate the same. So keep collecting them on your way!


There are many different levels in this adventurous game. The graphics are the real deal as you’re presented with some cool animations and cute characters that are adorable and cute like a fresh lemon pie. The controls are intuitive and the background scenes are just awesome. You can’t ask more for a visual treat than this app has on offer. Moreover, the gameplay is very addictive but challenging. The game seems on an average note at the start as long as the difficulty is concerned but soon you’ll see more and more hurdles come to your way and suddenly the road is all blocked up like a curfew. But remember, you still have to collect power ups and food to keep yourself alive and suddenly it becomes a challenge to survive just like you’ve been dumped on Moon without an Oxygen mask.


Overall, DiveBomb Chomp couldn’t have been better. It’s fun, addictive and very challenging. So if you’re looking for all that, do check out this app today in the Play Store.

Pros: unique concept; stunning graphics; cool animations; addictive and challenging gameplay.

Cons: none.

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