Here we go with just another game in the MMO department called DDTank, which bases on the Worms formula but expands it in a way, that makes it fresh and exciting alike… DDTank represents the free-to-play genre and to our amusement is played right in your browser! Game is explosive, exciting and proves that some of the old-school concepts can still be used in the current development environments!

DDTank clearly stands out in terms of design… Game shines with a very lighthearted atmosphere and completely childish look… DDTank offers turn-based combat, during which you and your opponents take alternative actions, when prompted… And here we go with the icing on the cake: game includes system of bonuses and boosts that can be used during matches in order to apply a bonus to your character….

This can vary from a great power shot to triple-bullet that makes hitting the opponent easier… Those boosts obviously involve tactics, as some situations will beg for a different type of bonus! This knowledge will keep you alive for as long as they last! DDTank combines elements of RPG in its game-play, because you will choose a character, menage its equipment and buy more powerful items!

DDTank takes the bulletproof 2D game-play formula and expands it to the newest standards… We get turn-based fights, explosive weaponry, using buffs and even buying better equipment for your character! There’s always enough players for the ones eager to take part in a “deathmatch-like” mode! DD Tank is a simple but challenging game, that’s obviously worth a look, if you’re in need of something different than most of the titles bring out there… Title should appear for action fans, but its appearance is much further!

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