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Genre : iOS App
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Positivies :UI, easy to use, simple
Negatives :none

Did you know that in the whole world a woman is victimized every hour especially in the United States? Yes, it’s a reality. Women face a lot of situations in her life every day, whether it’s exploitation or physical harassment. The authorities take strict actions against the culprits, but still, the problems arise and they freely roam around. Imagine if a woman or any other person takes an action by themselves before the incident takes place, what will happen? There will be less chances of violence against women and other people too! Today, I’m going to introduce one such app which will help you a lot especially if you are a woman. The app is popularly known as “Covert Alert”, which has been developed by Lucrative Innovations.

Covert Alert requires the latest version of iOS running in your iPhone or iPad. It’s a 3 in 1 personal safety and secret covert recording mobile app on steroids! The app ensures you every time that you’re protected. With just 3 clicks, you can setup the app and can go out from a dangerous situation by informing your friends or closed ones. To start with Covert Alert, you need to add first and last name to identify your contacts, an email address to recover your password if you forgot it, and a secure password no one else has access to. That is it!

The app has a lot of features which include covert texting, covertly recording even in locker screen or black screen mode and many more. It notifies the contacts selected by you previously when you’re in danger and offers safety in seconds which is totally free of cost. Suppose there is an emergency and you don’t have the time to dial a number and call someone, covert alert will help you in that situation. Its hands free activation makes it easily usable for activation with user specific keywords or numbers. The full name of the user will be sent to the designated contacts including your information. The app lets your friends know when you’re in danger. For example the message may include “Protect me now”.

The Covert Alert begins recording the events occurring in an emergency situation for a maximum period of 15 minutes. This recording will be saved to the user’s local device and a backup is created off the local device for future retrieval if needed. Covert provides 50 free text messages with the initial purchase of the app. Moreover, you can buy additional text messages at any time within Covert Alert. The app offers tracking of the person using real-time GPS.

Overall, I would say that Covert Alert is an awesome personal safety app with voice activation. You must-have this app for your wives or daughters, sisters and even children. This will help you a lot, I’m sure!

Give it a try now!

Pros: 3 in 1 voice activated safety app; real-time GPS; send preset messages through keywords or numbers; record the emergency; totally safe and secure; free and in-app purchases also available.

Cons: none.

Worth Having App – Download the App

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