While I feel as if I’ve gone through all of the latest mobile game apps or at least the ones that truly matter, I can’t help but still be on the lookout for new game apps and Commando Combat Shooting Adventure caught my eye over the weekend which pulled due to presence of many salient features.

This popular Commando Combat Shooting Adventure is here in the war zone. With this combat D-day commando action game, enemy force attacked on the city and you are single army man that has shot your enemies. Moreover you have to survive your city area from enemy soldiers. You can come across street war fighting with allied enemy force having deadly missions to kill enemies.

There are modern technical assassins in the artillery center are available for you to shoot and kill enemy commandos. You are like a modern city commando having gun with unlimited bullets and modern advanced technical weapons. Presence of excellent D- Day commando shooting real war action game is here to provide. They are the best combat commando mission game.

Enemy commandos have attacked to your country and have killed all the peoples living there, you are only one army man who is alive, and your mission should be to take revenge of your murdered peoples in each mission. In addition like a frontline army man you are also fps in this game having craze to go into warzone or battle zone and to fight with your enemies.

It is noted that you would also listen thrilling sounds of enemy guns in combat zone but you don’t require worrying about them they will be very far from you. Just like D-Day commando you just have to fight with your enemies and kill them like in a real war happens.

Also don’t feel enormous while shooting and killing enemies they would also attack on you with their high power having technical weapons and guns. You can destroy their camps, check posts by setting aim on them. Also perfect aim would assist you to set the exact target on your enemies and to kill them. Real war adventure is here in this city with sniper war shooting game to fight with elite Nato force. Also the allies would be smart and they would attack on you from every side but you have to carful about them.

Important Features of Commando Combat Shooting Adventure

  • Experience the Real 3D war zone and battle zone environment
  • Modern advance technical guns for shooting and killing brutal enemy force
  • Unlimited bullets in each available gun
  • Also aim to set exact target on brutal enemies
  • GPS to track the position of enemies to kill them
  • You have well equipped enemy force ready to attack on you
  • Presence of Multiple camera views
  • Quality Smooth camera swipe
  • IGI D-Day real army commando to have best fight with enemies

Finally I’m a huge fan of this kind of genre, and Commando Combat Shooting Adventure falls right into that best quality category. I can see as best addictive game app that user will be returning regularly.


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