Comet Clash :Great Fun Shooter Game

by | Apr 4, 2015 | 0 comments

Genre : iOS Game
Platform : iPhone / iPad
Developer : Shortcut2Success
Positivies :graphics, UI
Negatives :none

Shortcut2Success has released another great application for the iPhone and iPad. Comet Clash, a space shooter game, is great fun to play and has fun graphics. The current version is free to download from the company’s website or Apple’s Application Store. Users will have to use their shooting and attack skills to defend against a huge comet force.

The goal of Comet Clash is to save the earth for the next generation. As the game progresses through periods of play called years, it becomes more and more difficult to stop the comets. The player is stationed at a space station which is in orbit around the earth as the commander. The space station commander is in charge of defending the earth against comets. As the commander, you will find that there is more than one type of comet. Some are larger and faster than others; some arrive in groups. During each playing period, the user has only a limited number of missiles and other weapons to respond to the invasion. The first several years are easy; after that the game becomes quite a challenge. The game continues until the comets overtake the shooter and destroy planet earth.

Players have many opportunities for upgrades to their capabilities. On of the most useful is the addition of a second space station to allow dual shooting at the comets. As the game is played, the player builds up the ability to increase their equipment by winning the rounds and earning credits. As the earth progresses through the years, players have to make choices to decide how many earthlings to save or to sacrifice to achieve destruction of the comets. Experienced players can also procure earth shields, which act like a force field to shield part of the earth. To help defeat the more advanced comet attacks, players can acquire more storage for their weapons. Clearly, increasing the size of your inventory is a big advantage. Players will have opportunities to add more advanced weapons to their cache as the game progresses. Players can store their games and resume playing later.

Comet Clash is a social game. Through Facebook, a player can interact will all the other players of this game. This is a great way to discuss strategy and brag a bit about your scores. The game displays the scores of other players plus unique opportunities to upgrade only available through social media.
The graphics for the this game are cartoon-like. However, the attack sequences are top notch and wonderful to watch. The game comes complete with great sound effects and a driving music tract if you like to have music while you play. Additional options and upgrades to this game are still being developed by Shortcut2Success, which should make this game even more fun to play. The game is controlled by using touchscreen commands.
Shortcut2Success is still looking for beta testers for this game. If you want to sign up as a beta tester, take a look at the website.

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